Laser Hair Removal is an amazing treatment to help with painful, irritated and unwanted ingrown hairs. We see clients come in all the time with the concern that they cannot control their ingrown hairs. Areas where this is more prominent are the bikni/Brazilian area, legs and chest. Let’s first understand what an ingrown hair is. An ingrown hair occurs when a hair that’s been removed starts to grow back and curves into the skin. This can be very painful and uncomfortable, Laser hair removal can improve this discomfort and minimize the amount of ingrown hairs after just ONE session. Laser Hair Removal helps as it thins out the hair follicle with each session, due to the hair follicle being thinner it does not create as much chance to get stuck under the skin. With less ingrown’s this also helps with hyperpigmentation that can be left from injury of ingrown’s leaving a more even skin tone on areas of concern.