Skin tags are not an uncommon occurrence to many patients, although these lesions are harmless they tend to be uncomfortable and a cosmetic lesion that many do not want on theirskin. Skin tags are commonly seen on the neck, underarms and eyelids. However, some patients can see them on other parts of the body in either clusters or just individual tags. Some patients are more prone to skin tags than others! 

The major question for skin tags is: Are they easy to remove without scarring?

The simple answer is YES.

With out Plexr Plus device we are able to safely and effectively remove skin tags and other lesions that are noncancerous.

Skin tags can have a stalk or be flatter to the skin. With Plexr Plus we are creating a sublimation effect. This means we are taking a solid state and turning it into a gas state. This treatment is very superficial which minimizes the side effect of scarring as it is not creating severe injury to the dermis or deeper layers of the skin. 

During the treatment we either use a topical freezing dependant on how many skin tags are present or no freezing at all as the treatment is simple and fast. 

Once the skin tag is removed with Plexr Plus a superficial carbon crusting is left on the skin that will exfoliate off on it’s own within 5-7 days.

Skin tags are discussed during a complimentary consultation to see exactly how many skin tags are present and how long the treatment will take. 

Once the crustings have fallen off you will see a smooth, clear surface where the skin tag previously was!!