Skin Laxity

skin laxity in middle age woman

Our facial laxity, structure and skin all change as we age. Loss of essential fat pads under the skin, thinning of the skin from collagen loss, elastin loss are all aspects of skin sagging around the jowls, jawline, eyes and mouth area. Most people start to notice a difference in their skin laxity in their 40’s-50’s which is a result of the natural aging process. At lasair we offer
non-surgical options for skin tightening. We specialize in non surgical solutions that restore you to a more youthful and healthy version of your younger self! Each client’s skin is different and so are their needs. At lasair we fully customize our services to meet the needs of your skin for best results.

Treatments for Skin Laxity

Microneedling with PRF
Plexr Plus

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