Our Team

Kim Dicianna 

Laser & Skin specialist, Advanced trainer, Founder 

Kim is the founder & owner of Lasair Medical. Kim has been in this industry for over 30 years, learning all aspects of the business. She has travelled to the US and Europe to bring back the latest protocols to Lasair. She has provided advanced trainings and new protocols to doctors offices throughout the North American market. 

During her 30+ years in the industry, Kim has worked side by side with nurses, physicians, plastic surgeons, experiencing all aspects of this industry. She brings this knowledge and experience back to Lasair to provide our clients with individualized and sound treatment protocols. 

Nicolette Dicianna 

Medical Aesthetician & Skin care Specialist 

Nicolette has been in the aesthetics world since 2019! She has considerable knowledge in all things skin. She continuously attends training and conferences to further her knowledge to ensure she is always learning new methods, techniques and technologies. Nicolette is a student RPN nurse who will soon to be venturing into the cosmetic injectable world. Nicolette can bring a unique blend of healthcare expertise and passion for aesthetic treatments to our team. Currently enrolled in a nursing program, Nicolette is dedicated to expanding their knowledge and skills in both medical and cosmetic fields. Nicolettes care for all of her clients, their skin, routines, & consistency is top priority. When you become a client of Nicolettes, your skin truly feels the love

Michaela Dicianna

Cosmetic Nurse, RPN

Since 2016, Michaela has been dedicated to skincare and laser technology, driven by a passion for delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction through personalized care and extensive product knowledge. Her commitment to excellence extends to her ongoing training and education, including graduating from a registered practical nursing program in 2023 and expanding her expertise to include cosmetic injectables like toxins and fillers. With a background as a former athlete, Michaela brings a team-oriented approach to her work, aiming to surpass the traditional role of a cosmetic nurse and skincare specialist. As part of Lasair, she aspires to create an educational hub and leave a lasting legacy in the field

June Gordon 

Laser & Skin advanced trainer, Medical Aesthetician

Announcing the addition of June Gordon to our team, a highly recognized professional which brings to our practice 35 years of experience.” Specializing in skin tone and skin quality.”

June strives to keep up-to-date with her extensive education and practical experience of Advanced Skin Care, Laser Therapies, New Technology and Product Ingredients.

June enjoys teaching advanced medical and laser technology and techniques to aestheticians and medical professionals. She has taught in large colleges, vocational trade schools and privately for many years.

Dr. D'Costa Emergency Medicine and Medical Aesthetics

Dr. D’ Costa


Dr. D’Costa is a Canadian trained Physician certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Born and raised in Ottawa, he pursued university training at Queens University in Kingston, where he obtained an honors degree in Lifescience, a Masters degree in Human Anatomy and subsequently his MD.

Dr. D’Costa bears over 18 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and Medical Aesthetics. He has specialty training in state of the art, office based face lift and regenerative procedures. He has a special interest in age management medicine, as well as incorporating cutting edge aesthetic technologies into his practice. He currently lives in the Georgian Triangle where he pursues multiple interests outside of work, including skate skiing, mountain biking and downhill skiing