Texture/ Resurfacing

medical facial for skin texture

Skin texture and tone can be affected in a number of ways and different issues. Skin textural issues are often a result of a buildup of dead skin cells in the outermost layer of the skin. The buildup on the skin causes it to scatter light unevenly, resulting in a loss of radiance. In areas where we have excessive oil production, those dead cells can congest pores, resulting in comedones that ultimately create a bump or irregular skin tone on the skin. Sun exposure and aging can also affect skin texture dramatically. As our cellular turnover slows down with age, the damage becomes more obvious with age making our appearance look tired and dull. At lasair we believe in fully customized treatments to tackle any skin concern effectively. Using the technology we bring in, these treatments help us work with skin texture and tone:


Treatments for Texture or Resurfacing

Detox facial
Chemical peel
Microneedling with PRF
Carbon Spectra

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