Why is fall the perfect time to start your Laser hair Removal Journey?

Introducing your new obsession! Laser hair removal will save you time, effort and money. In the long run you will save from shaving, waxing and threading forever. We are able to effectively and safely remove all hair on the body with pigment, and of all skin types.

Although it is safe to perform laser hair removal all year round, it is best to start your sessions in the fall, when sun exposure is low. When sun exposure and laser hair removal are brought together, complications may arise. The laser used in hair removal can’t tell the difference between the pigment on your skin, and the hair follicle, which can then lead to hyperpigmentation. You are less likely to have a tan, or high exposure to the sun in the fall, making it the ideal time to start and finish your sessions before the sun comes around again.

Another reason to undergo laser hair removal in the cooler months is skin sensitivity. While treating areas that land in direct sunlight, we require you to wait at least 3 days after the laser to go back in the sun, and at least 10 days prior to your appointment. If these protocols can not be met, skin damage and discolouration can occur.

Your treatments are required to be spaced out 4-6 weeks apart depending on the area we are treating, for about 6-8 sessions. Since your journey will take about 9 months to fulfill, starting in September will leave you with smooth skin all summer long.

September is now here, meaning you need to start your Laser Hair Removal NOW! Interested in learning more about starting hair removal with us?

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